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Managerial Skills

Communication Skills

       . The importance of good communication skills
       . The communication process
       . Confirmation and feedback
       . How to make a plan for developing good communication skills

Designed for:  Everyone who is in direct contact with clients, team members, team leaders and managers, and everyone who wants to improve his/her communication style.

Time Management

       . Methods of efficient time management
       . Prioritizing according to urgency and importance
       . Coordination of different projects
       . Efficient organization of the working place

Designed for:  All personnel working in modern and dynamic environment; who strive to be better organized and flexible without paying a high personal price.

Building effective teams

       . How to build a team
       . Introducing team rules
       . Objectives goals and roles in the team
       . Leadership styles
       . Handling conflicts in the team
       . Rewarding achievements
       . Team building (Socializing, Games & Cases in the open)
Designed for: Managers of companies and organizations, department managers and everyone involved in managing people.